Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Unit 4 test is on Monday 13 February.

VOCABULARY: school (corridor, break, test, to revise etc.)

GRAMMAR: adverbs (regular adverbs - slowly, happily etc. and exceptions - well, hard, late, fast)
comparisons (as... as, not as... as)
too and enough

EXPRESSIONS: preferences (I'd rather... and I prefer to...)


Extra activities:

Comparisons AS... AS.../ NOT AS... AS...

AS... AS

We use as... as... to show that two things are equal. 

My brother is as tall as my father.
Your flat is as big as mine.

NOT AS... AS...

We use not as... as... to show that two things are NOT equal. 

My sister is not as sporty as my brother.
Maggie is not as funny as Gemma.

Extra activities:


Resultado de imagen de adverbs of manners english

Adverbs of manner are usually formed from adjectives by adding –ly:
bad > badly; quiet > quietly; recent > recently; sudden > suddenly
but there are sometimes changes in spelling:
easy > easily; happy > happily

EXEPTIONS: A few adverbs of manner have the same form as the adjective:
They all worked hard.
She usually arrives late.
I hate driving fast.
You sing very well (good > well)

Extra activities:

Writing Unit 4